My 5 Favourite Things to do in Agnes Water

Hey guys,

I live in Agnes Water and have been most places but there are certain things I do and places I constantly revisit just because they are incredible. Just like you can never get tired of looking up at the stars, I can never get enough of these 5 things:

  • NUMBER 5: Deepwater National Park – I have put this at number 5 purely for the fact it is slightly harder to visit. It is 4×4 access only. It will take you to some of the most secluded and stunning beaches in the local area. There are 3 main beaches to visit; Flat Rock, Middle Rock and Wreck Rock. So many times we have visited these beaches only to find we are the only people for kilometres. Our footprints are the only ones on the beach. Campsites are available and there are also toilet facilities. During the turtle season, researchers study the beaches and monitor the turtles.
  • NUMBER 4: The Paperbark Forest – Only 2 kilometres from the centre of town, this magical little forest is a MUST SEE and best of all it is free to visit. During some months of the year, hundreds of thousands of butterflies can be seen along the pathways and stepping stones that lead you through this unique and well maintained forest.
    • Photo courtesy of 1770 Discovery Sunset Shuttle & Tours
  • NUMBER 3:  Lady Musgrave Island – This comes in at number 3 but is by far one of the most stunning snorkeling sites and places to see turtles that I have seen. Located North/East of Agnes Water, this is the Southern Great Barrier Reef. I have been to the Whitsundays and I preferred this site over others further north purely for the privacy of the location and the quality of the coral. There is one boat that operates out of 1770 and does a day tour to the lagoon and Island. Great food, great staff. We have been three times and will definitely be going again. I cannot get enough of swimming with turtles and the marine life that is in abundance here.
  • NUMBER 2: Surfing – Oh yes! If you have surfed before you will know exactly what I am talking about! If you haven’t surfed before then ……. what are you waiting for!!! Only two kilometres from the centre of town there is an amazing, almost secret beach that spreads forever. Apart from the locals not many people can be found here. There is a great point break and plenty of room for the lone surfer or to attend the surf school. The path to the beach leads you down a tropical wonderland lined with palm trees. Take your own board, hire a board to take advantage of a lesson. There are many options.Photo courtesy of Gnarly Tours
  • NUMBER 1: The Sunset at 1770 – there are several vantage points in which to view the sunset over the water. Seventeen Seventy (1770) out front of the pub (called The Tree) is easy to walk to, loads of places to sit and watch or you can even sit at the pub itself and look across the road. If you have access to a car, a bike or just great walking legs, the very point of 1770 has several walks and spots in which to view the sunset. Make sure you check out any one of these and ask us at reception for advice if you’re not sure. And of course to look at a sunset without a tour is absolutely free. Photo courtesy of 1770 Liquid Adventures