Inspiring Travellers Come Together

You must be wondering, what type of people visit a hostel? Who dares to traverse the continents all the way to Australia? Well, to name a few, we’ve met rocket scientists, bloggers, nurses, website designers, car salesmen, yoga instructors, hairdressers, choreographers, dj’s, marine biologists (I’m not joking!), circus performers, politicians and photographers. And, it gets better… these people stay, share their skills and become part of the family.

What makes a backpacker so interesting?

Here’s the interesting part, we welcome and say goodbye to guests daily. In fact, hundreds and thousands of unique individuals visit the Cool Bananas desk each and every day. To say we delve into each and every one of those lives….. is a bit of a stretch but we do hear the most interesting stories, lives, careers, experiences and hopes for the future than I think any other business owner would. So, short of travelling yourself, this is the closest you will get to becoming globally aware of unique and incredible cultures.

And that’s not all, what person, every day, walking into their work space, can say they have travelled the world, explored new endeavours and learnt about new and abundant cultures? And similarly, where can you feel like you have had an adventure without leaving your own home town? You guessed it, a backpacker hostel is by far the most diverse and interesting accommodation house to visit.

But wait, there’s more, our travellers are not a shy bunch! Backpackers want to know about you and they just love to tell you all about themselves. I’m sure you’re with me on this one, this makes it so easy and exciting to make friends and learn about the world. Indeed, it’s fun and I feel every day that I have grown personally and spiritually.

The Very Talented

And I’m not stopping there….. musicians are very prominent at Cool Bananas. When you don’t have to do a 9-5 job, people explore their passions and most popularly, the ‘arts’. Musicians and artists are, by far are popular site at a backpacker hostel. Consequently, to sit around our fire of an evening, you will hear harmonious voices singing along with talented musicians strumming guitars. Just when you thought it didn’t get much better……

How about dancing the night away listening to a cool DJ? Well, just another awesome talented Dutch guy offering to share his rhythmic skills with his fellow travellers.

Equally fun, there are a range of different dress-up and dance parties held at the hostel to entertain guests throughout the year including, gender swap and 80’s theme just to name a few.

The Cool Kids!

Fire sticks & poi are another very prominent feature on our lush grass garden area. Super cool to see people (like myself) learn this fun and visually stimulating skill… just because they can. Pretty awesome to arrive at your next family get together and show off what you’ve just learnt from a new found friend.


And if that’s not enough…. a group of Queensland girls stopped by and just asked if they could perform an Acra Yoga class! Now that was awesome! Picture this… a group of gorgeous local girls, a mix of curious young backpackers, myself and a couple of our more mature grey nomads on a small patch of grass. This group of guys and girls are holding and balancing with people they had just met. Such an amazing way to relieve stress, meet new friends and learn some healthy skills that you can actually use whilst travelling.

If you happen to be around for one of our Sunset yoga classes, count yourself blessed! Imagine the warm air on your skin and feel the cool sea breeze caressing your body. How amazing to feel that Australian sun kissing your face just before it sets over the water. Now, take all that with a deep calming breath and move your body with complete control for a total mind, body and soul experience.

We have had more than one yoga teacher and they all offer a variety of styles suiting beginners and the more practised yoga enthusiast. Many of our guests learn yoga and meditation whilst travelling and adopt it as a lifelong discipline. All this is offered FREE. Our instructors are passionate about their yoga and want to give everybody the opportunity to participate in a yoga session.


And finally, it would not be possible to talk about the cool and talented at Cool Bananas and for that matter any hostel on the East Coast of Australia without mentioning surfing. This is by far the most popular skill being taught in any coastal town. In fact, it is rare to find someone regardless of age or prior interests who doesn’t want to hit the sand and dive in.

In addition, many of our staff have been professional surf instructors and has therefore given them the opportunity to stay in Australia longer. More of that topic next blog.

By now you’re thinking how can I be a part of all this?

Now is the time to be a legend!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say, there is no better time to take up a hobby, learn a new skill or get amongst the totally awesome. Being in isolation has brought out a new way of communicating, learning, sharing and being together. As you no doubt have realised, we’ve had to adapt to a new world and it’s heartwarming to say the least to see how people have taken so many positives out of what could be viewed as a very challenging world dilemma.

At Cool Bananas we have people studying online and learning guitar. We’ve recently hosted a group of university students from Brisbane who are studying Pilates. They did some practice lessons, which was brilliant for our guests!

Some Ideas to get you started

Here’s how you can experience some of the above yourself. Have you seen or heard of Couch Choir? This talented Australian musician has transitioned from choreographing and performing for hundreds if not thousands in local pubs and large venues to performing solo amongst thousands around the world all from her couch. Check her out. Join the growing followers of this inspiring Australian artist.

Check out this great website which gives you great ideas in all areas of intellect and creativity, all from your own home.

Additionally, this website will take you through some healthy tips including cooking and yoga that might be worth a look.

In summary, if you visit a hostel any where in the world you will find the most interesting, talented people, all gathered in one fun place. That will not only allow you to meet new friends but perhaps learn a new skill? If you can’t get to one this year, we highly recommend you putting travel on your bucket list for the future and ensuring you visit a hostel at least once.

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